Topana is a 10th-century fortress, back then a centre of one of the Croatian counties.  It has remained its administrative role during Ottoman Empire (15th – 18th century). Last annexes were built in 18th century, and since 1816 it out of use.

Skalini are 18th-century stairs connecting the oldest quarter of the town, Bazana, with the new ones. Lower part of the stairs and the square where they end, form a very heart of the town.

Tin Ujević is one of the greatest 20th-century Croatian poets. He went to primary school in Imotski. In his famous poem “Departure” (Odlazak), he expressed a great fondness towards this town.

Benzon Mansion is 2-store family house with Art Nouveau facade decorations and vaulted passage. It is furnished with Art Nouveau furniture, and the walls of its main salon are decorated in the same style.

St Francesco Church is built in Neo-romantic style and is it was consecrated in 1904. With its five marble altars and valuable wooden pulpit, the church is still in use. Next to the church, there is Franciscan monastery with archive and collection of documents about this region.

Piazza is the most charming street in the town, and its administrative centre. In recent times, a pedestrian zone, it became popular promenade between the Blue Lake and the main square (Matice Hrvatske Sq).